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Damon Banks
Detroit, Michigan
"$24,800.00 in Just 17 Days"
"I was initially skeptical. I would usually go to banks to get my funding. I was very surprised at how quick and how much I got. I didn't have to put up any collateral, no bank statements or anything else. I just filled out the simple forms. The unsecured business credit lines did not report to my personal credit report which I was very impressed with and 100% true."

Dr. Annette Mims
Atlanta, Georgia
"$25,000 in Just 11 Days"

"I had a Start-Up Business. My personal credit was not really strong so nobody would really talk to me. I was skeptical initially, and this is a world of so many scams, and things are not as they appear with the pie in the sky promises. You helped me within 24 hrs get my LLC registered and my TIN/EIN. I got a substantial amount of funding from the software. You do things right. No collateral at all, no bank statements, no tax returns. All of the credit lines reports too and builds the business credit so I can get more funding in the future. I would definitely recommend you to others and the loan program is definitely worth it."

Dena Barrett
Stone Mountain, Georgia
"$60,000 in Just 9 Days"

"I found your website through the internet and just wanted $20k initially for working capital. I was skeptical about doing business with your company, but through research, I went forward. The software works. I got way more than I expected. Every time I called your company answered the phone. You also helped me with some credit consulting so I could receive even more funding. No documentation. It was all stated income to get these unsecured business credit lines. "

Rhonda Overberg - Real Estate Investor
St Louis, Missouri
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